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10 Tips: How Do I Sell An App?

Developing an app for the smartphone or tablet can be an expensive and time-consuming task. That is not bad in itself, but of course, you want to recoup that money as quickly as possible. You can, of course, publish your app, and wait for people to find you, but to go viral on your own, you have to come from a very good house. There is also a lot of money to be made with in-app purchases (or actually sales). But how do you put all this to the man? Ten tips for making money with your Mobile App Reseller Program.

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  1. Be Unique: The first tip is immediately an almost impossible one. We say almost because it is possible, but really difficult. If your app is unique, in other words, you have created something that is not yet present in the App Store and is really very useful, then selling is much easier because you will be advertising. Unique does not always mean that you think up something that is completely new, take an existing concept and this revolutionary improvement works well, maybe even better because you lift on the success of something that is already known. (find more details in google doc)

An example of such an app is Sound Hound, which allows iPhone users to record music from the radio and identify which song it is.

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  1. Pitch Your Idea First To An App Developer

Criticism is an important part of a new launch, no matter what it is that you launch. You can not avoid negative comments about your app, but you can keep them to a minimum by pitching the idea of ​​your app towards friends and family at an early stage. Especially family has the annoying (read: fine) trait to tell you the truth, so the weak points in your app immediately come up. Try to tell in two sentences what your app is for, and see if you are interested. (see blogger article) If not, adjust your pitch. This will help you at the launch to reach a pitch that interests others, and that’s half of your sales. A good party to pitch is, for example, an app developer since it can immediately report what is and is not feasible / interesting to your app.You can read more about this here.

  1. Automatic Sharing Via Social Media

We do not need to tell you that social media integration is an important medium. You can, of course, hope that your app is so great that it is talked about on Twitter and Facebook, but that is an ideal scenario that almost never automatically rolls out. When an action is performed in your app that is worth sharing (such as ordering food, playing a level, planning a train ride, etc.), then it’s a good idea to make publishing on social media an automatic step ( obviously not without the consent of the user). When the user only has to press yes or no when asked whether it can be shared, the step is much smaller and more is published about your app. That worked for example as a timelier for the game Bejeweled Blitz! For the smartphone, which is directly linked to Facebook. Scores are not only posted on Facebook, but after installation, you can also see where you are in the ranking of your friends. And nobody wants to be in the second or third place.

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  1. Blogs: The Oprah Effect

The blog is still a powerful medium. This is mainly because blogs are read by a loyal target group, who values ​​what the writer has to report. We would almost call it the Oprah effect. When you get a blog to write about your app, that is unaffordable advertising. So do not be stingy with promotional codes. Obviously do not take random blogs, but target gene-specific blogs. If you have an app about books, write especially about blogs about that. You immediately take your step in the direction of targeted advertising.

  1. Tease: People Want To Have What They Can Not Get

Of course, not every app is revolutionary, but that does not mean that you can not tell a pretty interesting story (as long as it is the truth). Commerce is a game of supply and demand, but where there is no question, you can create it. People want to have what they can not get, and know what they can not or can not know. The best way to get responsiveness for your app is using a teaser campaign. That is, of course, difficult when you launch the umpteenth app that lets you read the news, but this refers to points 1 and 2: if you can not create a special and unique story about your app, then the question is why people are interested would be in. This tinkering is of course much better when it comes to the second part of an already popular app, as evidenced by the ‘buzz’ that arose when Popcap announced that the date should be released on August 22, after which it immediately buzzed with the rumors around part 2 (which incidentally did not come).

  1. Launch At Once Great

Once you lose, then go really loose. Do not rush into sending the newsletter to just 20 sites, simply because you have not taken the time to gather a good, comprehensive directory. Remember, you can only launch once. It is even more convenient if you are the media yourself. De Telegraaf has regularly advertised its app for the iPhone and Android in the newspaper and on the website, and the iPad app has also been announced there, with the result that both apps are ranked in the top ten in the news category. Incidentally, not in the first place, there is namely the Volkskrant that the link to his mobile app always prominently in the picture, which apparently also works fine.

  1. Play Media On The Card With A Ready Information Package

Informing the media that your app exists is not enough. Of course, point 1 and 2 are of great importance here too, after all, if your app is not interesting or if your pitch is not interesting, nobody will write about it. In addition, it is important to have a ready information pack about your app ready on your website (and preferably in the press release). Of course, we do not dare to claim that media are lazy, but the easier you make it write something about your app, the faster that will happen. Try to think like the media that you approach.

  1. Advertising In Other Apps

A very useful way to bring your app to the attention is advertising in other apps. There are constructions where people can download your app (or a free lite version) for free, in order to earn points in the app they are in (points that they can use to ‘buy’ something in the app). It is, of course, important that you advertise in an app that appeals to the same target group as your own app. Otherwise, there is a good chance that your app will be deleted immediately after downloading. 

  1. Notification: Do You Remember This?

Provide a smart message in your app. You have to contract with a lot of competition, not only in the App Store but also on the final phone. If you do not make sure that you do not get reminded of your app every so often, the chances are that it will fall into oblivion and end up on the removal list after a while, and that is especially a shame if your business model depends in part on app purchases. Make sure you return to your app with smart notifications, for example by giving people a daily or weekly bonus. That is doubly effective because with those free points you can buy things in your app, and when those points are exhausted, it often tastes like more, which in turn leads to sales. You will find interesting information about the delicate balance between good and bad in-app sales.

  1. Play With Curiosity And Competition

How To Make Money By Selling Apps? A good way to ensure that people buy something in your app is to make them curious. This works well in combination with the point above. Suppose you have a dating app, and you get the message that someone has viewed their profile, then the curiosity is obviously great. You can then sell points to unlock the function with which you can see who has viewed the profile.  Competitive elements also work well. If there is a battle, like the most beautiful garden, then it works great if people can ‘buy’ a lead. Be smart with this kind of incentives, make sure people do not feel cheated and make the basic functions really free. The paid extras really have to be extras. However, in-app purchases are sometimes also used to sell things that should actually be free. For example with the app Whoshere, where you can ‘meet’ people using your GPS coordinates. You can buy a virtual plane ticket, which allows you to ‘move’ to a random location in the world for 24 hours so that you can meet people in the area. Handy when you go on vacation and want to explore around It’s on edge, but a very smart way of selling air. So you can meet people in the area. Handy when you go on vacation and want to explore around It’s on edge, but a very smart way of selling air. So you can meet people in the area.

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