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Beautify Your Room With Plaster Ceiling Roses

Now a days throughout the world ceiling roses are a desired decorative element fixed to the ceiling. Normally a chandelier or light fitting are often suspended in between a ceiling rose. They are usually circular in shape and have a variety of ornamental designs.

plaster cornice

Ceiling roses are also known as plaster ceiling roses. Ceiling Roses were coming into use to protect the ceiling from the stains of heat and charring caused by gas lighting and other fire oriented lights. In this case, only the plaster Center Piece needed to be re-decorated as compared to the entire ceiling. This saves a good deal of time and effort. Ceiling roses provide an ornamental background for all light fitting and will improve ceilings. They can be installed anywhere home or office. Floral decorations, really uplift the ceiling. The decorative elements cover up large ceiling surfaces.

When decorating with ceiling roses one can let imagination run wild, because floral ornaments can also be used on walls. You can place repetitive elements to get a wonderful effect. They can also be combined with mirror lighting to produce a contemporary touch. There are endless possibilities.

Ceiling Roses

Selecting the right size of Ceiling Roses

There is no size restriction so there is no right or wrong size. All you have to consider is the proportions. It is important to map the right proportions for both the ceiling size and room size. The size and height of the ceiling is important for overall dimensions of the room. Rooms with lower ceilings look well with small ceiling roses and plain ceiling roses. This rule also applies to the case of a lot of simple, modern homes. Rooms with high and wide ceilings look better with bigger and added ornate ceiling roses.

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It is also a great idea to match the furniture design and other room decor with a ceiling rose. A meeting room with smart furniture will normally look best with a delicate and medium sized rose, whereas a room with a heavy stuff like a heavy oak table in the center will look striking with a larger and more decorative ceiling rose.

Using ceiling roses alternatively

A ceiling rose does not need to be fixed to the ceiling. Yes, that’s true, you can have a look at different places around you where you can see they are fixed to the walls with a bulb in the center, or as part of a panel mouldings. To know more details about decorative plaster mouldings and ceiling roses,

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