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Improving Your Structural Alignment, Flexibility, And Strength By Chiropractic Techniques

Dr. Glenn’s unique chiropractic technique gently releases harmful restrictions within your body and restores normal function. It gets to the cause of your symptoms by improving your structural alignment, flexibility, and strength. This is done through a process he calls Spinal Unwinding.

Why would we want to focus on this? Well, it’s all about getting to the CAUSE.

Active Release ChiropracticWhat would you do if the oil light went on in your car? Just ignore it? How about covering it up with a small piece of electrical tape? Maybe cut the wire to the light… that would definitely get rid of that annoying little oil light! Sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it? We all know you’d get to the CAUSE by checking the oil level and investigating why the light went on in the first place!

Symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, headaches, poor posture, etc. tend to occur as a result of underlying Structural Problems. These symptoms are just “oil lights” or warning signs that your body is giving you. So, are you going to ignore them or just find some clever way to cover them up?

By correcting the underlying Structural Problems, the symptoms will resolve on their own. Again, it’s all about getting to the CAUSE.

Active Release Chiropractic: The first step is to accurately find and diagnose your Structural Problem. We accomplish this in our Comprehensive Structural Evaluation. The evaluation involves the following:

1) Computerized Structural Analysis is performed using digital photographs. This gives us a detailed printed report of your measurable structural deviations.

2) Digital Scale measurements are taken to see if there is a weight-bearing pattern of left or right imbalance.

3) Range of motion testing is done to check the flexibility of your structure.

4) Strength Testing is performed to measure the strength and stability of your structure.

5) A 5-view set of Structural X-rays may be recommended for some patients. We perform a detailed biomechanical analysis of the x-rays. Our unique way of taking and analyzing your spinal x-rays provides another dimension in understanding your particular Structural Problem.

The findings from these tests are correlated together so that we can get a more complete understanding of your condition.

If you have a Structural Problem that can be helped, we will recommend a Program of Care to provide relief, correction and stabilization. Our treatment is completely unique for each individual, based on what your body needs.

Treatment consists of a specific structural analysis and correction which is followed by a gentle full-body percussive therapy. In addition, specific spinal hygiene exercises, ergonomic changes, and nutritional modifications may be recommended to give you the best results possible.

Typically, you will notice that as your structure is corrected, many secondary conditions (symptoms) that you were suffering from will go away completely or greatly improve on their own.

You may schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with the doctor to get more information about what we do and how we may be of service to you.

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